Aurora Project

Aurora Project

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Can you make a scratchplate for my guitar I can't see a template All we need is a tracing or preferably your original and we are able to cut any scratchplate.
Can you supply any make neck No we only have the neck on our website , we don't make necks we only install the lights into the necks.

How long do the battery's last


This will depend on the number of bulbs installed , the colour and the make of battery , Typically a neck with 10 blue bulbs with a good quality battery will last around 4-6 hours , or a standard Strat Glowguard 3-5 hours .
Do the lights cause any interference The glowguard or fretlight when on won't cause any interference , There will be a click when switched on , we suggest that when you turn the lights on you either turn the volume down first or turn them on while playing .
Can you install the lights into my neck Yes , we can install these fretlights into any neck .
How many fretlights can I have You can have as many as you like , The more you have the shorter the battery life.
Can you install the fretlights any where or just where the dot markers are We can install the lights anywhere on the neck .
Can I have a glowguard installed on a guitar that has no scratchplate Yes , but we do need your guitar to make a template from as the process is a bit more complicated
You have the template but I want a different pickup configuration No problem , you can purchase the plate you want and just let us know the different pickups you require.
Metal topped Glowguards Polished metal topped Glowguards have a thin aluminium front , the 1 bar diamond and artwork have a vinyl transfer to keep the plate below 3mm thick .
In the neck can I have more than one colour You can have all the colours we do , (although some colours are brighter that others).
In the glow guards can I have more than one colour You can have all the colours we do, (although some colours are brighter that others)
If a buy a new scratchplate off you will it fit Although we have a large range of templates we can't 100% guarantee that it will fit , that is why we advice you to send us  your original , this will guarantee 100% that it will fit. (no extra charge).
What is the power source Our scratchplate run of a PP3 9 volt battery .
Can I use a rechargeable battery Yes , but most rechargeable batteries are around 8.5 volts , so they won't last as long ,or be as bright.
where does the battery go


In most cases the battery should fit into the control cavity (some guitars may need to be routed out but you can check this before you buy)


I have my own idea for artwork is that possible


Yes , just send us a large Jpeg image and we can put that onto your new scartchplate


do you ship overseas Yes we ship all over the world , send us an email for a quote on shipping
Returns , conditions* We will only accept returns :-

If you supplied us with your original plate  and the protective film hasn't been removed.

or the plate is broken in transit (we send our plates insured signed for ,and we must be notified within 24 hours of delivery.

 Postage will be reimbursed when the above applies (1st class signed for , if posting overseas please contact us first for confirmation)

As all our plates are made to order we don't offer refunds or replacements  unless the above applies.