Aurora Project

Aurora Project

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The ultimate in guitar visualisation!.

 Fretlights replace the standard dot inlay on the neck of the guitar to produce an unforgettable lighting effect both on stage and at home. You can choose to have a complete installation where lights are fitted in replacement to the front dot inlays and the side markers on the neck, or choose to have them installed on either front or side on their own. We can either supply you with a pre installed neck ready to fit yourself (PREINSTALLED NECKS) , or we can install them  into your neck.

We have perfected the installation process so as not to damage your necks , we do not remove the fretboard , or drill up the truss rod , in fact we don't touch the truss rod or the fretboard except to remove the dot marker and replace them with the leds and a white dot marker on the front and black on the side, This process wont change or weaken the neck .The technique is to drill a series of very small holes (1mm) and a small 1.5mm route down the side (please don't email us to ask exactly how it done) . These lights are very bright , this picture below was taken in full a fully light room , don't confuse our lights with fibre optics or glow in the dark dot markers that will only produce light in a dark room. these will light up on your stage.

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